There is so much to say about these products, we couldn’t fit it all on the product page.

They’ve been tested for use on your eyes, lips, face, brows, lashes, basically most external body parts that you can think of. Only thing that we can’t stress enough is not to eat it or put it IN your eyes. It ain’t made for that.

Here are some cool AF things that you can use these products for.

Use as an all over base.

Use on your eye as a colour – it blends well and there’s no fall out – BONUS!

It can create super thin lines.

Use as a cover up, cover a spot, dark circles, varicose veins, birthmarks, anything that you don’t want to be on show basically.

Mix them together to make your own shade.

Colour your tattoos, cover your tattoos, make a new tattoo.

Use it on brows, lashes, beards:
It can cling just to the hairs if you want them to stand out more. Just brush it on lightly over your hairs.
If you want a bolder look put a bit more on and apply to skin as well as hair.

We’ve not found out all of the products uses yet, if you find one let us know! We’re always excited to find out other stuff that this product can do.

Leave it to ‘dry’ for a bit if you’re creating an intricate design, once dried it won’t budge, not one bit (unless you put something oil based on it)