it's make up.... but not as you know it

It might look like paint, but our Cosmetic Emulsions are some of the highest performing make up products on the market today.

The team behind Depixym spent years developing products for some of the biggest and best beauty brands in the world... and got fed up watching brands position the same products differently to make people buy more stuff they didn't need. We realised a lot of the time people were just looking for something that was blendable, packed with pigment and stayed put. We also realised so many products were mainly packaging without much product. So we made Depixym.

High pigment, ultimate performance colour that won't run, smudge or smear - even when underwater (yep, that's right, they're fully waterproof).

They look different to most other cosmetics as they're designed to take the place of pretty much any other make up product in your bag, so instead of putting it in a stick pack and selling one shade to you as a lip and another in a compact and selling to you as a cream eye, then another in a jar and selling it to you as a blush (you see where we're going here), we went back to the drawing board and put it in a simple, fully recyclable tube. You just need to grab a brush (or any other applicator - fingers work great!) and get it on your face.

Another reason we chose our aluminium tubes (as well as being super cute) was because they're fully recyclable, and virtually weightless making them a go-to choice for some of the worlds leading Make Up Artists looking to lighten their kit bag.

If you've ever seen a bold graphic eye or a lipstick that hasn't moved for hours - chances are it's Depixym.

If you haven't heard of us before, it's probably because we're a small independent brand and don't have the marketing budgets of the big boys - but don't be fooled, our products were formulated in one of the worlds leading colour laboratories and we have global accolades to prove it. We just don't have the deep pockets to pay Meta a ton of cash to keep popping up on your socials!