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Professional quality make up but make it customisable!

The perfect gift for that person that is addicted to make up or for YOU (if you're anything like us a lot of self gifting happens when we're present shopping, and so it should - you're iconic!).

You can wear these two products on their own or mix them to create a bespoke metallic cosmetic. 

Cosmetic Emulsions can be used everywhere (lip, eye, face, hair) but we've put these two together because this combination is stunning *chef's kiss* as a metallic eye shadow or lip that won't budge until you want it to!

The Pigment Powder can be mixed with the Cosmetic Emulsion or used alone as a warm highlighter - when we say multi use we really mean it.
  • Cosmetic Emulsion #0312 Brown
  • Cosmetic Pigment Powder P18 Bronze / Gold
  • Gift boxed & bowed ready to gift
  • SAVE £10


    Our Story

    Female Founded | Start Up | Self funded | Made by Experts | UK Business | Make-up Brand | Seen In Vogue | Allure's 2021 Best in Beauty Winner

    Vic and Al, the co-founders of DEPIXYM, are both Dorothy & the Wizard behind the curtain in Oz... ordinary people who worked behind the scenes for decades and decided to pull away the curtain (industry bullshit) and bring you the truth (multipurpose products that are vegan, cruelty free and gender neutral). DEPIXYM is for creativity and expression on your terms.

    DEPIXYM. For Him. For Her. For Them.

    What's a Cosmetic Emulsion?

    Longwear | 100% Waterproof | Blendable | Multipurpose | Make Up

    It's make up for whatever. Forget what you've been told about make up, use cosmetic emulsions however you want to, they are whatever you need them to be... lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, blusher, primer (#0000 clear), foundation colour changer.

    20 shades (1x clear) use them as they are for high-pigment looks or mix them together to make your own customer shade

    How to apply them - any way... with your finger, with an artist brush, sponge, blend them out with a buffer brush to give a sheer finish.

    The possibilities really are endless - but if you want to know more email us because we love a natter contact@depixym.com

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