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by Team Depixym

November 20, 2019

So Vegan Beauty month… What’s it all about?

For us, it’s just about maybe making a couple of small changes for the month, nothing massive. We’re not asking you to never ever eat meat again or to throw all of your leather items in the bin. We’re also not asking you to throw out all of your other products in your makeup bag.

Finding vegan products is loads easier than it was & we wanted to make it even easier by making a vegan product that can do everything!

The environment is suffering quite a bit at the moment, if you’ve listened to the news or watched anything by David Attenborough recently, you will have seen that the planet isn’t in the best way. Using less animal products in any area of life makes a difference. This isn’t about putting people down for using vegan products but still eating meat, or for eating a plant-based diet but still wearing leather. It’s about making small changes where we can and being mindful about those changes.

We believe in vegan products & we don’t use any animal derived ingredients in any of our formulations. Why? There are lots of reasons, one left us in shock & made us realise that we definitely needed to be vegan. Carmine. What’s Carmine? Carmine comes from red beetles (Cochineal insects) and involves either shaking the insects to death to get their colour or boiling them in hot water. We’re really not here for that. So that favourite red lipstick that you have? Have a look at the ingredients list because it will likely have red beetles in.

There are a lot more reasons too, but some of the biggest drivers for us are explained really well here:

Or if you’re looking for something to watch, give these a go:

The Game Changers – Netflix

What the Health – Netflix

Fork over Knife – Netflix

Anything by David Attenborough – We love Seven Worlds, One Planet – BBC iplayer

These are just a few of the things to watch to find out more about veganism.

In short, in our opinion, beauty and cosmetics product are one area where you really don’t need to use animal derived ingredients. So given what we know about the environmental impact and animal welfare concerns, why not make an active choice in an area where if you choose well formulated products (you could even give Depixym a go 😉) you shouldn’t notice the difference.

We are also really really passionate about the environment – that’s why all of our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable. So as well as being vegan, you can feel better about the responsible packaging & not harming the world as much (as long as you make sure that you dispose of it properly!).

Big love,

Team Depixym x

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