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by Team Depixym

September 26, 2019


In short; however, you like.

In case you’re struggling with ideas or inspiration – we’ve got a few examples for ya!



Cosmetic Emulsions dry matte, so these are the ultimate matte lip.

If you’ve got dry lips, you might want to apply a bit of lip balm before just to make sure that they don’t feel too dry.

Apply on lips for a bold, all-over colour with a brush or your finger. For more of a tinted, buffed-out colour, use a bristlier brush. If you want something really precise, use a thinner brush & work into the lip.

For a glossy finish, either apply a gloss over the top (non-oil based if you want it to last longer) or mix a bit of Cosmetic Emulsion into your gloss and then brush onto your lips.


If you want high coverage, not gonna move, lasts through whatever the day throws at you then choose your shade or mix to the colour that you want and pop on your skin with your hands/ a sponge/ a brush.

It might not be as comfortable as something that isn’t long-lasting. While we were developing this, we wanted to make something that just does NOT come off, and to do this, the formulation had to be a bit hardcore, so you might not find it comfortable if you don’t usually wear more ‘heavy-duty’ products.

If you want a slightly lighter, more comfortable base, mix Cosmetic Emulsion in with a moisturiser or oil and chuck it on your skin (okay, maybe don’t chuck it on, you’ll end up in a right mess).

Apply with hands/ sponge/ brush. Just heads up on this – it won’t be non-transfer once mixed in with an oil/moisturiser.

The ingredients in moisturisers and oils will break down the isododecane in the Cosmetic Emulsions and cause them to not ‘flash off’ (technical term) which in turn, makes them non-transfer. SCIENCE!



If you want to hide a bit of yourself from the world (we are not saying you need to)… whether that be a spot or a tattoo or a dark circle or *insert something else you wanna cover* BTW these are all very ordinary things so don’t be all down on yourself.

We all have so-called ‘imperfections’ (we don’t believe in that word – who bloody decided what was ‘perfect’ and what wasn’t?!)

AAAAAAANYWAY… if you do want to conceal something. Find your shade, or mix your own – everyone has very different skin tones, which is why we made products that could be mixed together.


We’re talking blush, contour, bronze… anything you currently do on cheeks or want to do on cheeks. This does it.

You have around 30 seconds to a minute to blend in before it dries.

If you want a ‘flushed’ look, using a big brush, buff out some product on your hand first to get rid of any excess product & make sure it’s not too patchy. Brush onto your cheeks and blend out as much as you like.

TIP: If you want a really sheer look, blend in some #0000 to make colours less intense.

For a ‘contour’ use a darker colour than your base, apply where you would usually contour & blend out.


Want to make your hair a little bit darker, or a different colour? We’ve found that lightly brushing Cosmetic Emulsion on works well to darken hair.

Do you want to blend in a patch of skin with the rest of your hair? Use a sponge/brush or fingers to work the product in.

Want to colour your hair, but don’t want to commit to a colour for more than a couple of days? Pick a colour and rub into your hair. If your hair is short, we’ve found rubbing it in with hands works really well. If your hair is longer, work through with fingers/hands and then brush through a little if you want a more even coverage. Just wash out when you’ve had enough of it.

Your normal shampoos and conditioners should be enough to get the colour out, but we’d recommend rubbing a bit of oil (any oil with do; an argan oil for hair works nicely, but anything oily is cool) into your hair before washing & it will come right out.

When we say brush, we mean literally any brush that works for you, that could be a hairbrush, a beard brush, a toothbrush, a spoolie (mascara looking wand), a paintbrush, a makeup brush… pretty much any brush. We’ve found that bristlier brushes work well to make sure it's really worked in.


Pick a colour… any colour.

Get a thin brush, dip into a bit of Cosmetic Emulsion & follow your lash line, flicking out at the end for a ‘cat flick’ look. Make them flicks as big or small as you like.

If you want a graphic liner, after you’ve done the flick, work from it back into the inside of your eye. If you’re not sure about it, just have a play & see what works for you. There is no right or wrong way with any of this. It’s all about playing and figuring out what makes YOU feel good.



No creasing, no fallout, no disappearing. Once you’ve created your look, it’s going to be there until you remove it. 

Dip your brush in & away you go.

If you want a blended outlook, apply to the lid & using a bigger brush, blend out up the lid.

Want to create a more subtle look? Get some product on your brush & work onto the back of your hand to get rid of any excess. Blend onto your eyelid lightly and brush it out. Use your fingers if that’s easier for you.

For a really bold colour, get more Cosmetic Emulsion on your brush & work onto your eyes.

There really are no rules. Create whatever shapes, blend out as much or as little as you like. Just work with it how feels best for you. You’ve got this. Have a play, that’s what makes all of this so fun.


Brush onto lashes using a spoolie, your fingers, or a brush for a coloured lash. Use either alone, or as a ‘topper’ on your mascara.


Eyes, lips, face, base, body, hands, feet… whatever floats your boat. It’s up to you, these products are tested for use everywhere – not IN the eye though…

Cosmetic Emulsions do whatever you want them to.

Want a really bold colour? Apply as they are with a brush/sponge/fingers and layer up as much as you feel like you need to to get the colour intensity you want.

Want something more ‘blended’? Put a small amount of product on and blend it out with a brush/sponge/fingers.

Want something more ‘sheer’? A little tip – mix in with the clear, a moisturiser or primer to thin the Cosmetic Emulsion out.

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